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    Rossmax Nebulizer Na100

Rossmax Nebulizer Na100

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Product Description

Today, many people suffer fromrespiratory disorders, the most common of which is asthma. For effectivetreatment of asthma, especially in children and infants, a nebulizer is a must.The Rossmax Nebulizer (NA100) is the most trusted pistol nebulizer recommendedby doctors across the globe. The Rossmax Nebulizer (NA100) is specificallydesigned to ensure the medication goes in to the lungs and airway moreeffectively as a mist and the easy to use face mask or mouthpiece makes itcomfortable for the patient to inhale the mist for longer durations of time.

Features and Benefits

·        A2.96 bar pressure powerful piston compressor for better results.

·        Produceshigh quality aerosol.

·        Comeswith a child as well as adult mask.

·        Hasa built in nebulizer holder.

·        Easyto take apart and clean post usage.

·        Comeswith a complete nebulizer kit.

·        Hasa 2 year warranty.

The Rossmax Nebulizer (NA100) Package Includes:

·        Mainunit; Medication cup for measuring.

·        Mouthpiece.

·        Adultface mask.

·        Childface mask.

·        Airtube.

·        5spare air filters.

·        Usermanual.


TheRossmax Nebulizer (NA100) is recommended for those who have difficulty inbreathing, or are not finding an inhaler effective enough. Using the nebulizermakes it possible to control and time breathing and ensure that medication is givenin correct metered dosages.  The Rossmax Nebulizer (NA100) has been testedusing low angle light scattering to reveal that the particle size distributionand quality of services offered by this particular nebulizer is far superior tothat offered by any other nebulizer in the market. This device is compatiblefor COPD patient as it provides medication delivery in cases of Asthma andChronic Bronchitis(which constitutes chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases).

We promise to deliver quality and value in every Health Hindustan product. If you are not 100% satisfied, please let us know and we'll make it right
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